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The Haskap berry is one of the most nutritious berries available and boasts a strong flavour. This gives Haskap berries characteristics to create exceptional wine.


Signature Series

Appearance: Clear, brilliant, ruby color
Nose: Powerful and very pleasant. Very fruity; stewed strawberry and raspberry
notes. Complemented by aromas of vanilla, black cherries, clove, dark chocolate, and anise. Very rich, complex, and layered
Palate: The wine is concentrated, light on the palate, complex and multi-layered. The tannins are medium and well-integrated.


What Are the Health Benefits of Haskap Berries?

Haskap berries have five times the number of phenolic compounds, anthocyanins, & iridoids than other plants. Haskap has also been known to reduce blood pressure and is very high in antioxidants and vitamin C.

Where Do Haskap Berries Grow?

Haskap is an extremely hardy bush that can flourish in temperatures as low as -46°C. Haskap is also very tolerant of different soil pH levels (5.5-7.5). Thanks to this, Goat Hill Estate Winery can offer the perfect soil and temperature conditions for these berries.

What Does Haskap Taste Like?

Haskap berries have a very unique taste and are often described as a blend of flavours. They can be sweet, tart, and tangy. Despite being a relatively small berry, it packs an explosion of flavour, which comes out especially well in haskap wine.

What Are the Advantages of Haskap Wine?

While haskap berries are incredibly versatile, they’re naturally suitable for winemaking due to their high brix (sugar) content and concentration. Overall, its versatility and complexity make it an excellent choice for fruit wine.

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