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While haskap berries have long been used by the native Japanese Ainu, they only entered the Canadian market in the 1960s. Originally from the island of Hokkaido, the haskap berry is known as the “berry of long life and good vision.” Haskap berries are part of the honeysuckle family—they resemble blueberries but come with powdery skin that melts in your mouth.

To the palate, haskap wine presents both tart and sweet notes, with crisp, juicy undertones. The Haskap berry has a distinct flavour and a range of health benefits, with 75% more antioxidants than blueberries.

Haskap wine is a relatively new entry to the wine and alcohol industry. Still, with its unique taste, haskap wine is setting up to become an innovative choice for wine drinkers.

Our haskap wine is made from the haskap berries grown on our farm. We add zero additional fruit concentrate so you can enjoy the authentic flavour from these unique berries.

At Goat Hill Estate Winery, we specialize in the production of premium quality haskap wine. We are family-owned and operated, which means that we get to oversee all aspects of our farm. We work hard to ensure that our consumers receive only the highest quality ingredients. You can find us in the small hamlet of Pierceland along the Meadow Lake Provincial Park and the Alberta border in northern Saskatchewan.

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